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The choice of which charities to walk for was easy. I wanted to support one that had a focus on skin diseases and cancer and another which had a broad reach to help as many struggling organisations as possible. BBC Children in Need and The British Skin Foundation just made sense!

In the last six months, two very close family members have been affected by skin cancer, one a rare and very aggressive type and the other fairly common but no less serious if it hadn’t been removed.


Fortunately, both have been successfully treated, the former currently in post-radiotherapy prior to further treatment a long road to recovery still ahead.

I used to live in Australia where awareness of and preventative measures to avoid skin cancer and other

skin diseases are taught from primary school. A famous Slip Slop Slap campaign is known by every Australian.

I now live in Cornwall where, like many places in the UK, that message still hasn’t entirely been adopted.


In the UK:

  • 109 cases of skin cancer are reported each day - one of the fastest rising cancers in the UK

  • 7 people die from skin cancer per day

  • Yet 80% of skin cancer cases are preventable through education and sun awareness


Skin Cancer is increasing but other skin diseases require further research and awareness needs to be broadened.


  • 60% of the UK population suffer with skin disease

  • 35% of people with a skin condition say it negatively impacts their mental health

  • 1 in 5 children suffer with eczema


The British Skin Foundation is the only charity in the UK dedicated to funding research into skin disease and skin cancer. They fund research to help the 8 million people in the UK who suffer with a skin condition, with the ultimate goal of finding cures and better treatments for every disease.

FIND OUT MORE - Know Your Skin

With the help of our fantastic supporters, we are able to change the lives of around half a million disadvantaged children and young people in the UK every single year.

With more children and their families becoming trapped in poverty and the ongoing crisis in children’s mental health, your support is more crucial than ever.


From coast to coast, in towns and cities right across the UK, with your help we can continue funding vital grassroots projects so that every child has the chance to thrive and be the best they can be.

A host of celebrities get together for the BBC's annual telethon in an effort to raise money for Children in Need. All donations go to the charity that helps improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people around the UK.

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