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Lowestoft in the East to Land's End in the West - An Inland Route.

Introducing the 'L2L'!

The entire route, day by day, will be available in the Ordnance Survey App.


Lowestoft to Land's End
The 'L2L'

While the name is up for grabs, the route has taken hundreds of hours to create.

Stitching together existing tracks, holloways, National trails and thousands of public footpaths, I wanted to travel through some parts of the country I've driven past, or seen from the train, and thought, "That's beautiful! I'd like to walk that!"

I will release the whole route, day by day, on the fantastic Ordnance Survey Map App each day of the walk. You can take a deeper look now...

Screenshot 2023-04-16 at 15.56.09.png

Brown Willy
The Highest Point in the walk

It’s not a high peak walk, it’s an inland walk through the lowland south of the country, there’s plenty of hills and some difficult, long days but no mountains. The two highest points on the walk are both in the South West:

Hameldown Tor, 529m, Dartmoor, Devon


Brown Willy, 420m, Bodmin, Cornwall – Day 31

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