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I struggled to find an alternative to solar as the trip is in England and I must be able to charge the kit I need to record and video for podcasts and other social media... not to mention staying in contact with everyone.

Shine Wind Turbine

Whilst pottering around online a few months ago, I came across a company in Nova Scotia, Canada - Aurea Technologies.

I was, and still am, super excited. They have designed, developed and are now shipping their Shine Wind Turbines - specifically designed for backpacking and travelling off-grid. 

Perfect! I had to order one. I'm hoping this will be my alternative to sticking a solar panel on my head whilst praying for sun! Keep your fingers crossed that the unit arrives before I head off to Lowestoft to start my long walk home!


Check out their website and youtube above for more details. 

BigBlue 3 28W Solar Charger

If the wind don't blow... well, I have to have a backup bit of kit. Naturally, to be off-grid and digitally enabled, I still have to create my very own grid.

So that's why I have picked up a BigBlue 28W solar charger has a digital ammeter that shows the amount of Amps present and an internal chip that assure stable charge.


Between this and Shine, I'm cooking with gas... well, not really. Anyway...

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