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How I rambled into Tales

I told a friend that I was planning to ‘do a walk’. I’d not seen her for years and her enthusiasm and support made me realise I could do something more with this walk. I wanted to make a difference – for me as much as anyone. To try to design a route through the country I’d so often seen when driving or from train speeding by. I like a more gradual pace and was looking for a route from the most Easterly point in the UK to bring me home… and there wasn’t one. So I thought this route might be one others may like to follow… but first I was going to have to walk it… your know, to see how it was.

And so Rambling Tales was born. A unique journey through the country, hearing tales, telling stories and filling my boots with the beauty that imbues these isles.


Rambling Tales has followed me from route mapping and planning . 

Now it's time to walk


A few years ago I was walking down a lane in Cornwall and had an epiphany... "I want walking to be what I do".

I've always walked but to truly immerse myself in the trails and byways all around the world simply got my mind racing. I quit the rat race and moved to the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall to plan what, where and how I might make it happen.

Then Covid hit. So, I walked here, on the Lizard.


To support local charities, I walked a Million Steps in May 2020. I realised that this was one way I could walk and do something useful. I raised money for the Trussell Trust and Marie Curie in nearby Helston.

The following year I walked round the Lizard peninsula in 22 hours - covering 75 km and ascents equivalent to Snowdon and Ben Nevis. This helped the Cadgwith Fishing Cove Trust secure their fishing lofts in perpetuity.

So, now, I want to up my game...

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